What I offer


Consultations and treatment with medicinal herbs:
An initial, hour-long consultation with you during which I ask in detail about the health issues you have come to see me about, and take a full medical history and background. At the end of this, we devise a treatment plan together in response to your health goals. I will usually give you a herbal prescription, accompanied by appropriate dietary and lifestyle advice. The first prescription usually lasts 2-3 weeks, after which you return for a follow-up consultation to review progress and decide on future direction. The prescription may be adapted or continued. Follow-up consultations last half an hour.

Herbal prescriptions:
Your medicine will be in the form of a tincture – a liquid mix made of herbs extracted in alcohol – or an infusion – dried herbs which you would take as a tea. Other preparations could also include creams, salves or ointments to apply externally, depending on the issues being treated.

Please see the Clinic page for details of consultation times, locations and prices.

3 thoughts on “What I offer

    1. Rasheeqa Post author

      Hi Catherine, yes it will be Sunday 15th September starting at 2pm, meeting at the Lee Valley Ice Centre on Lea Bridge Road between Walthamstow and Clapton, and we’ll walk out on the marshes to look at the harvest time berries and plants and talk about their edible and medicinal uses. Do you want to join the mailing list to receive news and updates? I’ll be sending out an email in early September with the details. Let me know, and I’ll add you if so – is that your email address on the comment? thanks and all the best, Rasheeqa

  1. Solomon Abulatan

    I just want to know if this organisation offers training and education in the act of herbalism, if so I am very much interested in acquiring this very useful skill.


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