Urban Herbs

Little patches of herbs around the cities as I walk…

Interesting sometimes the spots they choose to grow in – what’s their role just there and just how polluted are they getting? Perhaps they are synthesising ever new crazy compounds to deal with London fumes. I wouldn’t pick em but they are lovely little green reminders of some other business going on under our feet, quietly and determinedly amongst the rush and concrete and heavy metal.

Workshops folk! Identify these ere erbs and tell us what they are on Saturday if you can, a little challenge…

One thought on “Urban Herbs

  1. Sue

    I have just finished the first course run by Hedge herbs. Not only was the course excellent value, it was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Not only that but it was fun meeting people with the same interests. I recommend it to anyone interested in herbs, foraging and and finding alternatives to medicines.


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