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It’s summer!!!


O my, and my first year as a qualified herbalist shows to me the very essence of the seasonal nature of our work. Not that herbalists aren’t up to some busyness all year round but this last month has really seen the pulsation and the pounding of life gearing up in every respect! Also I’m getting it from the community around: our herb workshops and walks are being met with such a response. It’s felt like an exciting power that’s overwhelming at times but so encouraging and heartening. Is it the times – the massive sense of awakening and unfolding that’s happening everywhere, the movement of change: evolution! It’s our rich & beautiful mother Earth that shows us it and it makes me feel positive even with tales of woe and horror all round. The walking, singing, pots-and-pans banging people of Turkey particularly inspired me in June, as did the fact that 100 people turned up to explore plants on Walthamstow Marshes in May: scary & amazing in equal measure haha! Add to this the Radical Herbalism Gathering that happened last month – the first meet of its kind in the UK to bring together people questioning and discussing the connections between ecology, plant medicine, accessible healthcare and social justice (shared with a lot of lovely plant people) – and you have a potent mix of hope and action.

So June has been heightened and July follows with more to add to the bag of energy: plenty of earthy events to lure you to the green. Visit Herbal Happenings for details. Herbal Medicine Awareness Week was last week and to celebrate we did a talk and our first apothecary stall in Walthamstow Village. Also an intern from Copenhagen has arrived to work with us on herbal community activity over the summer – welcome Sara!

Here are some illustrations of our activities this spring and summer so far:

IMG_20130519_145844     IMG_20130517_122249

IMG_20130608_140122     IMG_20130512_160547

IMG_20130608_140032     IMG_20130519_173011      IMG_20130512_151630

IMG_20130512_163501     IMG_20130624_135555

IMG_20130519_145957     IMG_20130608_133416

IMG_20130630_123615     IMG_20130630_123251
IMG_20130512_151234     IMG_20130625_145108