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Herb Walking

Hedge Herbs had our first greenseeking walk of the season last Sunday and very exciting and lovely it was! Small little leaves of every shade and description were starting to push up and promise bounty to come. We spotted White Deadnettle, Self-Heal, Shepherd’s Purse, the ubiquitous Comfrey on the Marshes, vitamin-packed young Nettles, the Hawthorn starting to spring with tiny fresh bright green leaves, big Docks, Mallow, some Willow trees, the places where the Elderflowers will be, Yarrow the wonder plant and lots of Umbellifer family-Cow Parsley-type stuff!

The day was welcoming and the sun shone, we were in happy company, we wandered slowly finding delights, came onto the open land of Marshes and finally emerged on the Lea and Springfield Marina, where we finished up perfectly with a cup of Lemon Balm tea courtesy of herbalist Annwen and the Herbal Barge which was moored at Springfield Marina, in timely manner, for its monthly visit.  Those who have not experienced this Barge, must. It’s magic.

Here’s some pics for your delectation:

IMG_20130421_135506 IMG_20130421_135755 IMG_20130421_135802 IMG-20130421-WA0000 IMG_20130419_112137 IMG_20130421_131120 IMG_20130421_131136 14102012(030)