Stripping leaves

When I spend time doing stuff with herbs – as I did last Sunday, finally taking down some great bunches of Lemon Balm that were drying over the cupboard to take off the leaves and crumble them into jars, and pressing out some vinegar that had Meadowsweet infusing in it – I have a delicious feeling like being a child again, sitting in the dust stripping leaves off stems or piling dried leaves into heaps, or gathering together pods… it’s like a feeling of doing something utterly meaningless, yet so methodical, in the face of all the stuff there is in the earth – after all, how many leaves are there, and nuts (not to mention everything else, ha) – but even so, I’m rescuing some meaning from the wilderness of infinity by collecting and distilling these few bits of the mass, for a future purpose. Anyhow, it feels peaceful and a perfect thing to do on a sunny late-summer September Sunday. I like the motion and how it makes me go into quiet lines – an internal visual blur, merry waves of greenness and enticing delicate smells infusing into everything… hmmm this sounds like a little planty trip haha.

Emerging from tripping and stripping, our first workshop at The Mill is tomorrow! Eeek but exciting – the first step into sharing herbs with people. We’ll do some tea tastings in the way of the Scottish School in Glasgow, where I first learnt to sit and imbibe the erbs and discover what they do. I’m glad Charm is with me doing this. Is gonna be good! Reports on these workshops to follow…

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