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This page has details of Hedge Herbs community activities & any current particular projects I’m working on relating to plants, people and the field of herbal medicine.

I’m happy to talk with you about any ideas you have for future herbal medicine-related knowledge-sharing activities that I could be involved in. Hedge Herbs is available to give workshops in different aspects of herbal medicine including medicine-making and natural cosmetics, talks & demos, and plant walks in your area.


Community Herbal Hands: growing our vision of a community healthcare apothecary in Waltham Forest, connecting the cultivation, harvesting, sustaining, making & using of plant medicine to support our communities and our ecosystems

Herbalists Without Borders: healthcare, support and solidarity with refugees & asylum seekers through free clinics and pay-it-forward medicine-making workshops IMG_20130615_162536

Womens Health Project London – first programme ran Oct-Dec 2015
Member of collective offering combinations of classes, workshops & free clinics to women in London with the aim of looking at and understanding health in the broadest senses of the word including social, political and environmental, and enabling greater empowerment in self-care with ourselves and our participants through sharing of experiences and knowledge.
We are a group comprising herbalist, massage therapist, reiki healer, yoga practitioners, focusing practitioner and nutritional therapist and we are open to new women approaching to join us if your skills and approach fit with the project.
Last autumn’s programme was offered to ex-prisoners and their friends and allies – women affected by the criminal justice system – and we formed a strong group including women who had been migrants and asylum seekers. The project will continue in 2016 with a second programme – check here for updates.

Gone Wild Herbs

Collective of 3 herbalists offering community herbalism in east London and beyond, with programmes of knowledge-sharing sessions, herbal medicine workshops, communal medicine-making and guided herb walks.
We enjoyed a beautiful season of community engagement at The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden over summer 2015 and will continue in 2016 with a fresh programme of activity aimed at bringing plant medicine back to the hearts of our homes, groups & communities.

Radical Herbalism Gathering - 2018 gatherings in London, Bristol, Manchester
Member of the organising collective for this rousing inspiring weekend of workshops, skillshares and discussions around herbal medicine’s role in social change, health justice and ecology. First lovely gathering held June 2013, Somerset.

Community Herbal Health Sessions at Lea Bridge Library, Leyton, east London.
We gave two series of workshops aimed at families and carers in this deprived ward of Waltham Forest, and continue again in February-March 2014, exploring holistic health through nutrition, plant knowledge and home herbalism skills with Lea Bridge residents at the community project initiated by The Mill in Walthamstow in 2013.

Charm & Rasheeqa’s Apothecary: a lovely stall of herbal medicine goodies incuding herbal tea mixes, healing creams, salves & balms, aromatic body scrubs and butters, seasonal cordials & syrups, tonics, herb-cakes and more… first outing at the Vestry House Museum summer garden party with Walthamstow Village Residents’ Association. Also out and about at the Hornbeam Xmas Bazaar and other local fetes. Available for your events!

Talks on Herbal Medicine with community groups including Up Your Street seniors and at The Mill, Walthamstow, east London, also at Cecelia’s Cafe, Alzheimers Society, Islington, London. We are happy to come to you to do a show & tell of herbal medicine including tea tastings. 

Herb Walks on Walthamstow Marshes exploring seasonal medicinal bounty of our local natural environments: sharing plant knowledge & folk medicine. With fellow herbalist Charm Elakil (Wholistic Medicine) and Waltham Forest LETS / Transition Walthamstow

Natural Cosmetics Workshops at The Hornbeam Cafe, Walthamstow - Waltham Forest LETS events. Teaching how to make skin creams, balms and scrubs using herbal oils and infusions – full of plant goodness that you can gather locally and prepare easily.
Charm & I offer one-to-one and group workshops in making healing cosmetics –  these can be a lovely party or event. Contact us for more information

Introduction to Herbal Medicine Workshops at The Mill, lively community space in Walthamstow, attended by keen groups of herb enthusiasts. Featured practical plant recognition and pharmacy including cream and ointment making sessions.

Working with herbalist Melissa Ronaldson on Stormvogel The Herbal Barge, a magical floating apothecary that plies the River Lea in East London, offering remedies and treatments to the public.

Herb stalls at The Hornbeam Cafe, Walthamstow, with tea tastings and herb sharing.

Assisting with festival first aid with the medical herbalists at The Green Gathering, 2012


2 thoughts on “Community / Projects

  1. Karen Wilson

    Good afternoon,

    I’m from Brazil and just graduated in Biomedicine, at UNIRIO (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro). I’m very interested in growing, harvesting and preparing medicinal herbs.

    Searching for WWOOFing volunteering you’re community caught my attention and I would like to know if there is homestay opportunities in Hedge Herbs.

    Best regards,

    Karen Wilson

    1. Rasheeqa Post author

      Hi Karen, no I don’t do that myself, am living in London – but there are places you can go to do that!

      I would recommend the Organic Herb Trading Company in Milverton, Somerset, south west of England – it’s coming to the end of the season there, but it’s a great place to spend time learning about growing, harvesting and processing of medicinal herbs – if you ring them up and ask to speak to Sarah Weston who is the herb field manager and you can find out more.

      Also Trill Farm in Devon have a herb garden and trainee activities there – – you could contact them.

      I guess you could also contact WWOOF UK about it.

      You are very welcome to come visit in London – not growing herbs really myself but am connected with some great projects that are and I could show you around some brilliant herb and urban veg gardens here if you like! Let me know, my number is 07784 506 494 if you want to get in touch.

      best wishes,


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