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Good sources of information on herbal medicine and its place in the world, on positive action local and global, and a selection of other people/places I like…

For Ms Martin’s students who are building a shed! Their useful link:

My website of the month: of exciting and useful learning material and webinars from herbalists and other practitioners


Gone Wild Herbs (our east London community herbal knowledge-sharing collective offering activities around the city)
Radical Herbalism Gathering (Health justice, social equality and ecological herbalism – powerful & exciting grassroots movement across the UK, London gathering 21st July 2018)
Herbalists Without Borders UK (umbrella group for herbalists working to support refugees and displaced communities
The Herbarium (blog for traditional herbalists in times of transition)
Baldwins (London’s oldest herbal apothecary, replete with herbs and supplies)
Herbalista – Lorna Mauney-Brodek (amazing Atlanta USA herbalist with a mind-blowing offering of herbal healthcare, connection & networks and a travelling herb bus)
Sarah Gray Herbalist (friend, colleague and wonderful sensitive herbalist in Walthamstow specialising in women’s hormonal health)
Whispering Earth (lovely resource and blog of East Sussex-based herbalist Lucinda Warner with excellent potions recipes)
Purple Sage (northern herbalist offering plenty of herb knowledge)
Myrobalan Clinic blog (excellent blog rich in health help ideas)
Sensory Herbcraft (the wild’n'wicked witches’ blog of herb experience)
Henriette’s Herbal Homepage (legendary no-nonsense Helsinki herbalist with a wealth of herb stuff old & new)

Herbal Medicine learning opportunities (being constantly updated)
Comprehensive list of UK offerings

In the north:
Foundation in Herbal Medicine with excellent radical herbalists Heather Ware & Helen Rideout in Leeds

In London:
Online Herbal Medicine/home remedy course with Melissa Ronaldson of the Herbal Barge
Beginners Herbalism with Siobhan O’Leary at the Mary Ward Centre
Regular workshops, courses and herb walks with Baldwins

In the southwest:
Rhizome Community Clinic – range of courses with excellent teachers Annwen & Becs
Betonica Herbal Apprenticeship (4 years) – with Laura Carpenter

Local friends
The Hornbeam (community cafe and environment centre, E17)
Organiclea (workers’ cooperative growing food on London’s edge in the Lea Valley)
Stormvogel The Herbal Barge (magical floating apothecary plying the River Lea in London)
The Mill (E17 community space with a lot of people making a lot of things happen)
E17 Organic Gardens (lovely gardeners with design and food-growing skills)
Transition Walthamstow (increasing local health, happiness & resilience using less energy)
Cultivate Waltham Forest (festival and activity celebrating food growing movements in our borough)
Waltham Forest LETS (excellent community-based local trade exchange scheme)
Sham’s Kitchen (the yummiest, scrummiest, Pakistani home cooking in E17 – get her in!)
Rebs Tully (E17 community woman, volunteer training, skillshares, mother of Ivy, kids kitchen)
Waltham Forest Walks (walking free in Waltham Forest with David Boote)
Hayley Yoga (joyful Walthamstow yogi)
Siobhan Herbalist (Lovely north London herbalist)
Urban Witch (super-natural living in the concrete jungle)
The Healthworks (leading complementary health & wellbeing centre in east London)
Rooms Of Our Own (creating an E17 hub for London women incorporating women’s businesses and campaigning groups)
Handmade Apothecary (excellent pair of herbalists offering walks & workshops around north London)
Field Kitchen (arts & ecology: expeditions in urban wilds)
London Herbal Students Group (…exactly that… informational & social support network)
Forage Botanicals (multi-faceted London herbalist passionate about empowering through knowledge and offering resources and online tools)
The Herbal Community Project (grassroots UK herbalists making community connections – herbalists, get involved!)

Herb love around these isles
Rhizome Community Clinic (providing high quality herbal treatments on a sliding scale to the community in Bristol)
Danielle Kay (gorgeous healing woman full of the powerful energy, up north across the Lancashire/Yorkshire borders, a foot in each land)
Myrobalan Clinic (Lucy Jones, Somerset-based western/Tibetan medicine herbalist who gathers and makes much of her medicines)
White Cat Herbal (renewable green medicine from this excellently friendly herbalist and massage therapist in Glasgow – plenty of community activity too)
Sacred Seeds Herbal Project – seeds, inspiration with the young folks, herb boxes, plant passion and more in Sussex
Donald Purves (gentle herbal practitioner based in Leeds – also with a lot of teaching experience)
Da Wild’n'Wicked Witches (Sensory Solutions: Karen & Fi, traditional herbalists deep into plant medicine & earth love)
Clare Holohan (herbal medicine in Lochaber & the West Highlands: super-capable & super-lovely herbalist & massage practitioner – good healing hands and fine cooking too)
Green Man Herbalist (Tim up in Manchester: multi-skilled man with many healing facets)
Living Medicine (plants & people for health: herb food education with medical herbalists)
Sustaincare (a community gateway to healthcare – lots of resources)
Ipso Phyto – the town and country forager (extreme source of knowledge on wild foods and medicine foraging activities & courses)
Forest and Folk Botanicals (garden, shop and workshop space – people and plants in Milton Keynes)
Register of Medical Herbalists (site for info about where to find a herbalist in the UK and herbal medicine-related activities)

Over the seas (but close to the heart)
Latifa’s Herbs – lovely friend in Calgary, Canada, passionately exploring the land and teaching about herbal medicine and wild food – see her blog for some fascinating bits…
Ceratonia (formerly Glasgow-based herbalist now creating healing & education centre in the Algarve, Portugal)
Gold Root Herbs (Connecting botanical medicine, community health & social innovation)
Herb Geek (thinking outside of the tincture bottle)
Dandelion Seed Collective & Olympia Free Herbal Clinic (community-based organisation with mission to encourage holistic health on a personal, ecological, and community level)
Herbcraft (michigan herbalist Jim McDonald offering myriad resources for learning)
Methow Valley Herbs blogroll (a comprehensive list of herbal blogs)
Todd Caldecott (US medical herbalist & Ayurvedic practitioner offering wealth of health information)
Common Ground Health Clinic (patient-centred medical home in New Orleans)


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