A quick jaunt to Italy and a scorched Croatia, full of reddened forests after apparently not a drop of rain since May! Whereas here the drenching continues. Life is so unbalanced.

Rovinj, a town by a sparkling aquamarine sea possessing the very smoothest of smooth-worn cobbles I’ve ever felt, had a lot of anise-type plants everywhere, including a marine variety! Seemed to be the only green herb surviving this roasting…

Croatian Sea Anise!

In other news, un-herb-related but curious, I have spent some time at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford over the past week, assisting a performer in the Paralympics Opening Ceremony (large-scale bonkersness) and there discovered a weird fact. Which is, that in olden gladiatorial days, the entrance/exit tunnels underneath the stadium through which lions would enter and audiences would leave, were named vomitoriums, deriving from the verb to spew forth or expel. That explained why each of those tunnels where the performers were congregated before trooping into the centre were proudly named VOM 1, VOM 2 and so on… as in, ‘Everyone to VOM 5, NOW!’. Peculiar, entertaining and fabulous – make sure you watch tonight for some beautiful movements and wheelie action…

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