Walking on Otley Chevin, the rosehips are coming. Late summer in Yorkshire – not as golden as other times! ha – but still lovely. Friend Heather introduces me to the invasive Himalayan Balsam, long swathes of bright pink beaconing to the moorland opposite our path. The seed pods (which are also not quite ready) uncurl explosively like a crazy jack in the box, flinging white and black seeds all over so that you see why it invades, and leaving a gorgeous sculptural spiral shape behind in your fingers. There’s some power in those pods, you can feel the springforce against your fingers like a shock, Heather says you only have to touch them to activate it when they are fully ripe… and the seeds are yummy nutty oaty flavour, apparently you can make a tahini with them (note, the white unripe ones are tastier, the black popping out ones are bitter). I suppose you would need to pop a fair amount o pods for a tahini… here are some other recipes…


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