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‘I have used Hedge Herbs’ Nettle Seed & Rosemary Balm on my joint pain which is no more. The balm is odourless, easy to apply and totally affordable. I would highly recommend the use of this balm for anyone with joint pain. No more pills or painkillers. :) Lynette

‘Thanks so much for the mouthwash you prescribed for my ulcers. Have had a rapid recovery since using it and now mouth feels normal again for first time in weeks!’ Sue

‘Having been suffering from prolonged dry coughs this winter, I took a shot of Rasheeqa’s herbal drink, and voila! Within a few hours, my dry coughs faded away! I was amazed how quickly it had an effect on me! People should consider going green (herbal) rather than using commercial medicine from the high street. Rasheeqa’s lovely personality also adds as a herbal ingredient!’ Moto

‘I was having problems with irregular periods and pms. Rasheeqa’s prescription regulated my cycle and made me feel a whole lot happier and less irritable!’ Marguerite

‘Hi Rasheeqa, the bites and stings cream worked a treat for my nettlerash, thanks so much!’ Shameem

‘A born sceptic of herbal treatments, Rasheeqa prescribed me some Cramp Oil for some paralysing period pains after i had a coil fitted. It worked an absolute treat. I used it with the normal paracetamol and ibuprofen but this just helped to take the edge of the pain and still use it now.’ Lizzy

‘I have had treatment from Rasheeqa. She has been very good at diagnosing the cause of my illness and I have been taking her meds she has prescribed and have noticed good results and possibly taking less painkillers etc. Very empathic and a good listener.’ M.A

Dear Rasheeqa, can I just say how pleased I am with the creams I bought from you. It is not often nowadays that I write ‘nice’ letters so it is very pleasing to be able to say, “I am totally satisfied with the goods and the service!” Your wonderful eczema cream not only helped me but also my friend’s little girl who had a terrible outbreak in the summer and they had tried everything.  Within a week of using your cream she was almost clear!  I will be ordering more of it. Also, as I am now older than I ever imagined I would be (yet in my head I am still 30! and still a child of the 60′s) your softening face creams are perfect! And: my lips have never been so soft! I usually have a problem with dry chapped lips as soon as the weather turns cold but this year I haven’t had a problem because i use your lip balm every day under my lipstick. Just once, in the morning and that is enough. Finally, as I have very dry skin and cannot use anything perfumed I am looking forward to trying your bath time products!  I am very pleased to be your customer and as I always support local traders I am also glad you are doing so well! If ever anyone wants to check you out (ridiculous idea!) please feel free to get them to contact me.   Best wishes, Maggie

Workshops / Walks

‘I’d just like to thank you guys and Sarah again for the sessions. They were really brilliant and have made a huge impact on my life and my family’s in many ways. I have always had a philosophy that nature/instinct/primal living have the answers for me but this course opened my eyes to the power of plants (especially due to tea tasting) and also made me realise I need to address the cause of my daughter’s constipation (and other ailments I have such as eczema). We are now eating mainly organic foods (another thing I wonder why I haven’t done sooner!) and trying dairy free with her.’

‘I have just finished the first course run by Hedge Herbs. Not only was the course excellent value, it was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Not only that but it was fun meeting people with the same interests. I recommend it to anyone interested in herbs, foraging and and finding alternatives to medicines.’

‘We had so much fun at the herbal cosmetics workshop yesterday Rasheeqa! My niece was particularly happy & so chuffed with all the lovely goodies we made in the class. Thanks so much!’

‘Really relaxed and informative set of workshops. Lots of input from different herbalists. Lots of things covered in a short space of time which will point us in the right direction if we decide to learn more. Well worth the money, thanks so much.’

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