Understanding Plant Medicine: herbal intro course

6-week foundation level course in herbal medicine with community herbalist Rasheeqa of Hedge Herbs. Running over 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings, 6.30-9pm, from 11th October 2017.
Course Outline:

Wednesday 11th October
The rich history and politics of herbal medicine; suppressed traditions and women’s roles and practices; experiential plant meeting through tasting; choosing your plant for focused study; current practice and principles; radical herbalism; starting your herbarium

break Weds 18th October
Wednesday 25th October
Using herbs safely and wisely; the range of basic herbal preparations; seasonality and herbs as food and medicine in our daily lives; background to traditional knowledges and working with plants in today’s world; constitutional medicine approaches; tea tasting & blend your own tea

Wednesday 1st November
Herbal tastes & actions: experiencing plants in our bodies
Finding our different ways to learn effectively about plants
Sharing plant study experiences

Wednesday 8th November
Making medicine: internal preparations (tincture, vinegar, glycerite, syrup)
Discussion of using herbs as long-term health support

Wednesday 15th November
Making medicine: external preparations (infused oil, balm, cream) and discussion of compresses, poultices, washes

Wednesday 22nd November
Wrapping up: sharing herbariums and plant studies; pressing out medicines to take home

2 thoughts on “Understanding Plant Medicine: herbal intro course

  1. Melanie Kalay

    I Sent you a message about the 4 week course on Sundays, asking for the price. I found it on Facebook, I’m also interested in the course too, but I can’t find the price!
    How much is this one and is their a special price if you book both! I will be travelling from Brighton so have to take in to consideration the travel cost

    Thank you x


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