I offer consultations & treatment with herbs and holistic health advice for a wide range of health issues, conditions and to support healthy living. I can visit you at your home or you can come to mine. Please contact me for further information or to book an appointment.

Examples of conditions that can be supported with herbal medicine:
Digestive issues
Skin conditions
Stress & tension
Musculoskeletal problems e.g. joint problems
Metabolic imbalances

amongst many more…

First consultation (1.5 hours) £40
Follow-up consultations (1/2 hour) £25

Tinctures (100ml) £8 per week
Teas (100g) £5 per week
Creams/salves/ointments (60g) £5

Please note that I am able to offer flexibility in charges according to your situation. I believe herbal medicine should be available to all regardless of financial constraints. I am also part of Waltham Forest LETS, a local exchange trading system where people can trade goods and services without using money. If you are a member of LETS or would like to be, I am happy to exchange my services as herbalist with you.

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