A Community Herbalist


I am Rasheeqa Ahmad, a qualified medical herbalist based in Walthamstow, east London.
I trained at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in Glasgow and at Middlesex University (Archway Herbal Clinic) in London, gaining a 1st-class Honours degree and the Ellis Snitcher Memorial Prize for Integrative Medicine in 2012.

I trained in Herbal Medicine with the aim of helping people (including myself!) to enjoy positivity and intelligent health in collaboration with our living universe. I’m excited by the possibilities of plant medicine, both those understood since ancient times and those emerging now. I am committed to continue learning more about this power and to sharing it with with others as best as I can. I believe that understanding our connections and symbiosis with the other living beings of the earth can yield great potential for our future development and success – all of us together.

My practice encompasses consultations and treatment, plant-gathering and medicine-making, community activity including knowledge-sharing, practical workshops and herb walks, and vital connections with people and organisations working in peace and productivity with the earth and universe. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about any of these activities.

I continue to develop my skills and knowledge through attendance of CPD (continuous professional development) courses & events and involvement with my local community and initiatives including the Low Cost Living Project and Waltham Forest LETS.

2 thoughts on “A Community Herbalist

  1. Jane Acton

    Hi Rasheeqa I am trying to persuade my friend to come and see you. She lives and works in London. She is suffering from painful mentrual cramps which are debilitating in as much as she is woken and has to get up and bathe in hot water in the night to releive the symptoms. I can suggest alsorts of plants which if I was nearer or if she was a relative we could try together but actually she needs to see someone. Can you please tell me how you charge for consultations? I know you have to charge properly but I’ll probably chip in for the first consultation. Many thanks Jane 07539881884


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