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Home of the Hedge

Hedge: the rustling, life-filled place of bounty and goodness on the edge of the field… source of joy, berries, thorns, birds, shade and medicine. Come and see what you can find!

This is the site for all information about my herbal medicine practice and activities, useful resources, other herbie folks and inspirations, and blog thoughts. I offer herbal medicine treatment to all – you can find details here.


    • Marshland Medicine: a monthly herb walk through the seasons over Walthamstow Marshes, exploring their bounty of medicinal friends. We will explore and share good knowledges of plant id, folkore and history, traditional and current medicinal uses, and responsible foraging practices. To book your place or find out more, please call Rasheeqa on 07784 506 494 or email rasheeqa@hedgeherbs.org.uk
      All walks are £10 / £8 concessions per person and booking in advance is essential as spaces are limited
      Dates for spring – summer 2017:
      Saturdays 8th April, 13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September, 7th October – 12noon-2pm
  • Herbalists Without Borders UK is an umbrella group for herbalists seeking to offer support and solidarity to all those experiencing displacement both here and internationally, in response to the refugee crises that we are seeing today. We have made a website with information about our work and resources that you can use if you want to be involved, particularly around donating for medicines and activities. We are launching Pay-It-Forward Medicine-Making workshops around the country where you can learn skills in making herbal remedies like chest rubs, with the medicines made going to people and communities that can benefit from them. Watch this space for news about upcoming workshops in London!

thumb_IMG_7502_1024If you would like to join the mailing list to receive news and updates about events and activities like workshops and herb walks, please email me at rasheeqa@hedgeherbs.org.uk


4 thoughts on “Home of the Hedge

  1. stewart

    I was wondering if you can help me i am a local grower and have been asked to supply a restaurant with flowers and herbs for tomorrow night i wonder if i can get these locally do you know? Lemon balm,pea shoots Nasturtium flowers and leaves,borage,redsorrel,mixed viola flowers. I would appreciate any help thank you. Stewart
    Mobile 07780520219

  2. Fiona Flaherty

    Hi Rasheeqa
    I have picked up your details in the local paper. Link4Growth is a new community group that has come to WF. We meet in Chingford on first Thursday of every month from 9.30-11.30. It is a drop in with free refreshments. Costs £3 per person. It is about community. No elevator pitch. No sales. No format. Just to meet like- minded people in the borough. We promote community events.
    We would like to extend the invitation to you? Our first meeting this month clocked up 31 attendees. It is held at GOALS near Morrisons Supermarket.

    My mobile is 07973 601 862. I’m a nurse and co- manage the event. Please give me a call if you want to chat.

  3. Tahitian Noni Bandung

    Herbal medicine is a natural medicine. Life is natural so it will helpfull if support by something comes from natural.

    Let’s we start helping people for healthier, youger for longer with something natural.


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