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Home of the Hedge

Hedge: the rustling, life-filled place of bounty and goodness on the edge of the field… source of joy, berries, thorns, birds, shade and medicine. Come and see what you can find!

This is the site for all information about my herbal medicine practice and activities, useful resources, other herbie folks and inspirations, and blog thoughts. I offer herbal medicine treatment to all – you can find details here.


Sunday Practical Medicine Making Series at The Mill in Walthamstow – 3rd, 10th, 17th February

New Year January 2019 Herbal Happenings newsletter

Herbalists Without Borders, Bristol have made their 2019 calendar which makes a beautiful gift for the year – packed full of original woodcut botanical artwork and loads of herbal foraging & recipe information. All proceeds go to their work supporting people without recourse to public funds with free herbal healthcare including clinics and medicine making.

Community Herbal Handsour local network of medicine growers, gatherers, makers and users – get involved if you’re a gardener or herbal enthusiast in Waltham Forest!

thumb_IMG_7502_1024If you would like to join the mailing list to receive news and updates about events and activities like workshops and herb walks, please email me at rasheeqa@hedgeherbs.org.uk


7 thoughts on “Home of the Hedge

  1. stewart

    I was wondering if you can help me i am a local grower and have been asked to supply a restaurant with flowers and herbs for tomorrow night i wonder if i can get these locally do you know? Lemon balm,pea shoots Nasturtium flowers and leaves,borage,redsorrel,mixed viola flowers. I would appreciate any help thank you. Stewart
    Mobile 07780520219

  2. Fiona Flaherty

    Hi Rasheeqa
    I have picked up your details in the local paper. Link4Growth is a new community group that has come to WF. We meet in Chingford on first Thursday of every month from 9.30-11.30. It is a drop in with free refreshments. Costs £3 per person. It is about community. No elevator pitch. No sales. No format. Just to meet like- minded people in the borough. We promote community events.
    We would like to extend the invitation to you? Our first meeting this month clocked up 31 attendees. It is held at GOALS near Morrisons Supermarket.

    My mobile is 07973 601 862. I’m a nurse and co- manage the event. Please give me a call if you want to chat.

  3. Tahitian Noni Bandung

    Herbal medicine is a natural medicine. Life is natural so it will helpfull if support by something comes from natural.

    Let’s we start helping people for healthier, youger for longer with something natural.

  4. Marcos Rissi

    I cannot go tonight for the introductory first night for the course on herbs but am very much interested.
    Can you please let me know in advance of the next similar event?
    thank you

  5. dody yudia

    World Herbal Network Cooperation For Preventive and Curative Opioid Epidemic and HIV AIDS

    Dear Hedge Herbs and Members,

    I watched on tv and read newspapers, this time America and Europe are hit by a crisis of drug abuse, which triggers many deaths due to overdose. We are very sympathetic and grieving …

    We are in Indonesia, recovery from narcotic and drugs addict can done with 100% herbal therapy with anti-addiction herbal for narcotics and drugs treatment package.
    The system works like forming antibodies. An addict if routinely drinking this herbal medicine to some extent will feel disgusted using narcotics, like there is a rejection of the body.
    This Herbal treating various drug cases with more humane because without the need to be isolated.
    With this Herbal, drug addiction sufferers do not have to be forced to stop taking drugs, but by itself will stop because its effect is replaced by this herbal, just need the will to quit.
    This Herbal able to relieve the conditions experienced by addicted drug users.
    For users of drugs other than methadone types, Herbal reaction will work faster.

    Several other effects can be felt with the chapter to be normal, increase weight, normal sleep pattern, feeling aches that felt lost and some HIV positif people with no increase ini his CD4 Cell count.

    The cure of narcotic addiction is not just a detoxification, but it requires something stronger that makes the addict no longer have the desire to re-consume drugs. And only herbs are capable.

    Chemical drugs are only made to replace (substitute : like methadone, kratom, etc.) narcotics and treat the symptoms.

    This herbal not a substitution therapy, because patients can stop taking the herbal dependence if it feels it has healed.

    Based on our experience, narcotics addicts if routinely taking herbal remedies will recover maximum 3-4 months. If already infected with HIV AIDS it takes 9-12 months to normal.

    All there are 14 kinds of herbal products that are 100% derived from this tropical plant material is made in the form of powder, its use is brewed with boiling water, stirred and after cold (warm) drink.
    The combine of herbal to cure is deppend on your blood type.
    Another combination of 14 kinds of herbs is also proven to cure cancer.

    All the herbal packages have official permission from the health and food agency of the Republic of Indonesia. So all is legal.

    Best Regard,

    Dody Yudia
    e-mail : dodyudia@gmail.com


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