Monthly Archives: July 2012

It begins!

I am qualified! 4 years of study that have taken me over hill and dale and yonder… Glasgae, Leeds, Baone in the Colli Euganee, Bologna, Walthamstow… as well as all through myriad channels of blood and bone, xylem and phloem, Lamiaceae and leaf shapes, costumed neurotransmitters, dancing through fields, running up hills, green teepees and bonfires, clinics and potions, ointments and beeswax, lavender distilling in wild field cabin and lavender exploding in white laboratory, vegans and biochemists, considerations of people and their infinities, experiments and teas, percussion and palpation… and many good, colourful and mind-stretching people along the way. Herbal medicine has bounced my life and my mind into new directions and, I reckon, will continue to… life is change and growth and moving to the essence and I want to go forward bringing herbs into that and sharing them with everyone. As they are magic.